Weekly Church Needs for 2017:                  $4,388

Please join your Finance Team in prayer about ways in which we can grow in Stewardship.

This is a list of projects that we are working towards.  We want everyone to be aware of some of our current wants and needs.  If you would like to give a special gift toward any of these projects, just mark the envelope accordingly.  Just a reminder that any gifts to these funds are to be special gifts.  Please do not decrease your regular offering in order to give to these projects.  Thank you.
-The Trustees

¨ New Upholstery for Pews
¨ Back Stage Curtain—McConnell Hall—$800
¨ Generators to Power Sump Pumps
¨ Sidewalk Repairs—$1,800
¨ Sound Equipment to eliminate free standing  speakers in sanctuary
¨ Applegate House Accessible Ramp
¨ McConnell Hall Handrail Repair
¨ Hand Bells
¨ New Tables and Chairs for McConnell Hall to replace
the older wood and metal tables and Chairs

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