Acolytes, Sunday School, Choirs, and Family Fun….O My!  Sign up to receive reminders about upcoming events or special announcements about services (including weather related issues).  Signing up is free and easy!  Send an individual text or email for each group you wish to join as indicated below:


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About                      Name to 81010

Acolytes                   @umcacolyte     umcacolyte@mail.remind.com
Confirmation Class    @umcconfirm    umcconfirm@mail.remind.com
Sunday School          @umcschool      umcschool@mail.remind.com
Sunday Night Life      @umcsnl           umcsnl@mail.remind.com
Realville                    @realville          realville@mail.remind.com
Sunday Services        @umcsunserv    umcsunserv@mail.remind.com
Events                      @umcevents      umcevents@mail.remind.com
Cherub Choir             @umccherub      umccherub@mail.remind.com
Jr. Choir                    @umcjrchoir      umcjrchoir@mail.remind.com
Sr. Choir                   @umcsrchoir      umcsrchoir@mail.remind.com
Chime Choir              @umcchime        umcchime@mail.remind.com

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