Prayer Requests

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June 25

Edith Hackett

Kelly Hoff

Children of Dr. Bill & Jenna Pace


July 2

Nancy Chew

Joyce Mooney

Margaret Trexler

Maggie Reid

Roxy Langel

Father of Lisa Beck


July 9

Family of Robert Shaw

Davetta Stocker

Family of Carol Sooy

Bill McGeorge

Tom Valletto

Judy Bufala

Marilyn Heston

Family of Laura Ristine

In Need of Long Term Prayer

Don Fuhrmeister
Dave Pennell
JoAnne DiDomenico
Doreen Niemczura
Bill Bobzin
Beverly Cruse
Wendy Rudisill DiSalvio
Ann Newcomb
Jim Collins
Heather Hirst
Gia Gotti
John Lewis
Judy Bufala
John Politto
Richard Raively
Todd Hickman
Shirley Rossi
Mike Dickinson
Jim McManamy
Bob Bufala
Marilyn Heston

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